See why people say “There ain’t nothing else like it!”

Truth be known, every popular guitar amp over the last 60 years has been based on only a handful of circuits. Tx-Watt incorporates those famous 50’s and 60’s tube amp circuits so that  the artist can mix and match the sub circuitry, “voicing” & building the tone stack to suit their personal tastes. Tx-Watt amps are built without regard to cost of components. Ultimate sound and tone is our only goal.

What makes a Tx-Watt amp better than the rest?

  • Hand Built from scratch  by Craftsmen who Share Your Love for your  Perfect Sound 
  • Hand Wired, All Analog, Point to Point, Straight through Circuity, No Solid State, No PSB, Nothing done by Machine 
  • Patented Process to Mix-n-Match American and British analog sub circuitry to Suit the Artists. 
  • The Ultimate Amp – Custom Designed from EE Math to Pure Mojo