What Does Tx-Watt Stand For?

Since Jack Kay, Tx-Watt’s Founder, is from Austin, Texas (actually Buda / Dripping Springs), the initial plan was to call the amp Texas Watt. However, everyone thought the name was too long so we shortened it to Tx-Watt. The “Tx” is for Texas and the Watt is for… well… “watts.”

What is Tx-Watt’s Mission Statement?

Our amps are built one at a time, by hand, without regard to cost. Tone & Sound are the only criteria. Try one and you’ll see and hear why people say, “There ain’t nothing else like it!”


Some definitions for terms used in describing amplifier design:

Analog: No transistors. Tx-Watt is made completely from analog/tubes. That said, I do make one exception. We have a solid state rectifier for those who believe a tube rectifier causes “sag.”

Straight-Through: This means there is only one plug going in, (I’m not sharing my guitar amp) and two speaker plugs coming out.  There are no places where the circuit branches off, so therefore there are no places to “lose” signal anywhere in the circuitry.

Point-To-Point: Each component is connected to the next component in line, using the shortest distance possible.

Hand-Wired: Done completely by humans, one wire/component at a time.  No machine-made construction anywhere.

Why are the amps so expensive?

Labor and parts.  We start with parts chosen/designed to achieve the best tone and most versatility, without regard to their cost.  Our transformers alone cost more than the total build-out costs for most amps you see in music stores. Everything is handmade. There are no printed circuit boards, no prefab, no machines. Just an amp artisan sitting at a bench, custom-building your amp to your specifications, one piece at a time. The process is very labor intensive. AND EVERY AMP SHIPS WITH A HARD SHELL FLIGHT CASE.

Why no effects?

See the straight through comment from above. Every time you add an input jack, an effects loop, reverb channel, echo channel, etc., you add another place in the circuitry to “leak” signal.  If you don’t have any of these in the circuit, you don’t have anywhere to worry about signal leakage.

Logo questions?

Our concept is to make the amp as serious as possible on the inside, and as fun on the outside as possible. That’s why we have hundreds of options for colors, grill cloth, handles, feet etc. We’ve  even had requests to cover them in cow hides, fox, mink and  beaver pelts! AND.. If for some reason you want the vintage 70's, logo without the x, we'll be glad to do it

What is the concept/theology behind Tx-Watt?

I went to the people I consider leaders in analog tube amplification and asked them to use their combined lifetime of knowledge to build the best analog tube amp possible, regardless of cost… A real guitar player’s amplifier – the one I wished I would have had when I toured/recorded throughout the 60’s and 70’s.  Tx-Watt is the result of that combined effort.

Do you offer other services?

When you buy a Tx-Watt, you get to customize everything.  You can choose British or American tubes, your choice of speakers, coverings, cabinets, grill cloth, piping – everything.   Since the amp comes out of the box with both the American and British circuitry, you have a ton of musical options at our fingertips from the get go.  If  you wish to have the tone stack completely designed/made for you, we bring you to Austin, put you in the music room/lab/studio with engineers, and physically swap out amp components, cabinets, speakers, etc. until you have exactly what you want.

Since Tx-Watt has both American and British circuitry in place, modifying the tone stack in any direction, for any tube amp ever made in Britain or America, is  greatly simplified.  And, you’re getting it all with over-the-top components.   At the end of the day, you get the same “star treatment” usually only afforded to the Eric Claptons, of the world. “Your “ tone is perfectly dialed in per what you envision in your head and feel in your chest. .

What’s with the “Ain’t Nothing Else Like It” tagline?

I started this project as a labor of love.  All I’ve heard since is: “The parts cost too much;” “The speakers cost too much;” “The custom-built pine cabinets cost too much;” “No one includes a hard shell case with an amp;” “It’s way too labor intensive;” “You’ll never be able to make a profit;” “This is economic suicide;” on and on and on.

BUT, set that all aside and plug into a Tx-Watt for one evening. You’ll be married to it for life.  The sound and versatility is simply amazing!

And that is why people say, “THERE AIN’T NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT!”