Tube Hybrid Guitar Amp our Affordable, Portable Boutique hybrid amplifier gives you;

  • Our patent pending, analog circuitry, with 48 tone stack combinations
  • Boutique, Hand wired
  • Affordable.  Retailing at $1495
  • Portable –  2x7x9 inches and weighs 4.5 pounds
  • Convenience – Designed to fit on your pedal board,  
  • “Warm” tube sound that’s affordable and portable.

Ultimate “Gig Rig”

Add one of our ultra portable ( 17 pound, 14x17x10 )  80 watt, big magnet, 12 inch speaker cabs for the ultimate “Gig Rig”.  Guitar on your back, amp/pedal board in one hand and ultra portable 12 inch speaker cab in the other hand 

Click here to order.  Contact us at Info@Tx-Watt with any questions about our products. 

Tx-Watt Patent Pending

Tx-Watt has received Patent Pending status on the designs that make up their line of products.

The patent applies to the flagship product, the Tx-Watt, as well as the Tx-Watt Tube Hybrid Guitar Amp, and the
 Tx-Watt Tube Hybrid Bass Amp.

Apparently, there really
Ain’t Nothin Else Like ‘Em.

Our Tube Hybrid Bass Amp, with its tube/all analog  front end features the same patented technology as its Tube Hybrid Guitar Amp counterpart.  This allows the artist to create a custom bass tone stack that can then be shifted up or down, yielding 48 combinations of analog bass circuitry. 

Add in the contour circuit to emphasize or deemphasize  mids/mid hi,  coupled with a 700 Watt rms power section that weighs less than 7 pounds, fits on your pedal board and you have a perfect complement to the Tx-Watt guitar series.

The patented preamp gives you the tone you can only get from analog/tubes, and with  700 watts to spare,  it can drive anything from our compact 400 watt 15” speaker/cab ( 18x18x19 –  24 pounds) to  double 4x10 cabs or double 4x12 cabs. 

See why people say “There ain’t nothing else like it!”

Truth be known, every popular guitar amp over the last 60 years has been based on only a handful of circuits. Tx-Watt incorporates those famous 50’s and 60’s tube amp circuits so that  the artist can (more...)


CJ Solar "American Girls"

(And one of them is sitting on a TX-Watt!)

Carl Weathersby at SXSW

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